Rotating Door - Duotour


When an entry requires sophistication to channel the flow of visitors in high numbers at peak times, or those accompanied by carts, trollies or hospital beds, the Duotour two wing automatic rotating door is the optimal solution. Unlike a three or four wing rotating door, the Duotour can channel a high capacity of footfall while having a fairly small footprint.

A Sliding and Rotating Door in One

The Duotour rotating door combines the best of both worlds by incorporating two automatic sliding or swinging doors in its design. At peak times or in order to allow passage to trollies or beds, the function of the Duotour can be switched from the automatic rotating door setting to automatic sliding or swinging doors ensuring maximum capacity and ease of movement.

Rotating Door Options

The Duotour is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes and like the Tournex offers the option of including showcases on the door wings. Located on both ends of the door wings, these showcases can be used to bring the visitor into the mood and setting of your building. 

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