Boon Edam implements environmentally friendly coating technique

Environmentally Friendly Coating Technique

As the acknowledged world market leader in revolving doors, Boon Edam is continuously looking for innovative new ways to improve the company’s sustainability. Early 2011 the company was one of the first companies in the world to introduce a new and environmentally friendly technique to prepare the metal of their door systems for powder coating.

In the past, as with all coating techniques throughout the world, Chromium was used to prepare the metals and create a strong adversion base for further processing. However Chromium is a toxic substance that needs to be handled with care and can have a strong impact on the environment if not properly disposed of.

Boon Edam has now introduced a new technique using Zirconium. The new process results in the same high quality base for coating but with far less risk to Boon Edam employees and the environment. In fact the Zirconium is so environmentally friendly that any waste can be disposed off directly through the sewers after standard pH-testing.

Daniëlle Bakker, Quality Assurance Manager, says; ‘At Boon Edam we have a long heritage in manufacturing entrance solutions with a positive environmental impact. We take our responsibility seriously and having now taken the next step with our manufacturing process, we will continue to research new and improved ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business processes.’

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