Data Centres

Securing the Digital Entry

In our digital age the ‘cloud’ is becoming the main storage for information and knowledge. Protecting the security and privacy of that data has become a major concern. Our increasing dependence on data centres results in them being at risk of attacks by terrorists and criminals. We know that this means that much of your time is spent worrying about the security of your facility.

We can take some of that worry away from you by providing reliable, high security entry solutions that ensure only authorised staff are allowed to enter. Introduced to the market decades ago, Boon Edam’s high security doors and portals have proven their quality and reliability in government, defence and private applications. We have improved their functionality and the integrated security systems as technology evolved, ensuring that our high security doors and portals are some of the most technologically advanced in the market.

Our global sales, distribution and service network allows us to provide quick and reliable installation, service and maintenance anywhere in the world, making us your global security partner.

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