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The Role of a Business Development Team


Having a strong Business Development team, in a B2B environment, is a sure way to offer customers the exact solution that they need. At Boon Edam we are committed to delivering innovation together to ensure we stay connected to what is trending and never forget the fact that listening to our customers and continually developing leading-edge products and ground-breaking services is what drives us.

What Does Business Development Mean?

We live in a world where rapid change has come to be the expected norm. Having a team in place within a manufacturing sector is important, not only to your own business growing its market share, but – and even more importantly – being responsible to strategically identify the needs in the entrance solution markets and pushing to improve your existing product lines and add more relevant ranges or upgrades to answer these quickly evolving challenges.

Knowing Me Knowing You – Understanding What Drives You

The business development team dedicated hours to understanding who we are working with. Our customers choose us because we position ourselves as the entry experts, but we do more than that. Talking and listening to our customers is a large part of the team’s roles. Our colleagues are continually out there doing research, taking surveys, having honest conversations, attending conventions, trade shows and, of course, analysing the results of all this to then return and work further with the product management to deliver on the identified needs. The one department supports the other – which in turn, strengthens the product and service offerings.

Long Term vs Short Term Trend Focus

Another aspect of the work that Business Development does is trend and market insights research. This is broken up into two distinctive types… we identify long term trends and technology as those which develop and evolve over an extended period of time – they are carefully monitored and tracked before being implemented into new business models, value propositions, market segments or actual products and services.

Short term trends and technologies on the other hand need to be quickly identified and acted on promptly. By having our finger on the pulse in this way, allows us to continuously adapt to an ever changing environment in order to stay on top of the game and earn the trust our customers have in us to deliver the best and most contemporary entry solutions.

Trend Watch No.1: The Servitisation Process

Servitisation can be identified as the strategic directional shift of moving towards a more service oriented company and beginning to supplement their more traditional product offerings. This is a major topic for our Business Development team and with it brings many challenges, but also great opportunity. The benefits to our loyal customers are an increase in the value of our offerings by providing advanced services, it also opens the door to enhancing product customisation and supporting our clients throughout the whole product lifecycle – from concept to manufacture, installation through to service and maintenance.

Trend Watch No.2: The Transactional Business Model Phenomenon

A major trend in society, and in everyday business, is the shift from ownership towards usage. In other words, moving from a single transaction towards a long term subscription based model. This phenomenon is beginning to affect our construction related business. In order for Boon Edam to adapt to this new world, it is necessary to be able to offer advanced services through a sustainable business model. This could manifest itself in innovations such as in pay-per-use models, long term performance based contracts and even in financing constructions. It is indeed an exciting time to be in the industry.

Future-Proofing For Everyone

Boon Edam has to continuously adapt to an ever changing environment in order to stay on top of the game. This is exactly where Business Development is supporting the Boon Edam organisation.

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Written by Jonas Oijevaar and Jeroen Thuis - Business Development Team, Boon Edam.
Jonas Oijevaar is a Market Research Executive within the Business Development team.
Jeroen Thuis is the Business Development Manager within the Business Development team.
Both are based at Royal Boon Edam International, in Edam - the Netherlands. 

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